Coding & STEM

Teach, learn and practise coding on iPad and Mac.

As part of our Success With Apple Programme, we can support you with all of your Coding and STEM needs.  Learning to code builds confidence and problem-solving skills right from the start. Coding with Apple gives educators the tools and resources to help students express themselves and prepare for the future, no matter what career they pursue. 

Everyone Can Code 

Everyone Can Code helps introduce students to the concepts behind the code and provide on-device exercises where they can practise coding and problem-solving.

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Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds introduces students to the world of coding and app design through interactive puzzles and code walk‑throughs.

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Sphero is transforming the way kids learn, create, and invent through coding, science, music, and the arts. The Sphero ecosystem of tools and content enable students, teachers and parents to solve challenges at home, in school and beyond.

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Introduce Coding with JTRS


From providing STEM-based learning products and accessories to bespoke training solutions utilising Apple Everyone Can Code Curriculum to give your educators everything they need to introduce and develop coding in the classroom.

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Class Act Subscriptions

Introduce the new iPads to the classroom with our Class Act Subscriptions. Class Act is entirely bespoke and can be tailored to your needs to ensure you can access all of the hardware, software, and services required to run a successful technology programme at an affordable cost.

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